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Among the stable of thoroughbreds I have the pleasure of working with...

Intercollegiate Horse Show Association
The IHSA mission is to promote competition for riders of all skill levels, who compete individually and as teams at regional and national levels.  IHSA is based on the principle that any college student should be able to participate in horse shows regardless of financial status or riding level. More than 400 educational institutions in the U.S. and parts of Canada have teams belonging to IHSA, including student academic clubs, JV, and/or varsity programs. Learn more about IHSA at www.ihsainc.com, its annual IHSA National Championships (celebrating their 40th anniversary in 2013) and connect with more than 7,800 student riders and coaches on Facebook, and on Twitter @IHSAinc.
"It was great meeting you at Nationals. Thank you for all your help and good insight.
I really appreciated how accommodating you were."
- Krissy Mailman, Marketing & Advertising, AQHA (official partner of the IHSA)

Giving every college student a chance to ride since 1967 www.ihsainc.com
IHSA/Facebook named FEI Solidarity Award Finalist in 2013 Equestrian Social Media Awards
Sucessfully nominated IHSA exec dir Robert Cacchione for 2011 Pfizer Equine Industry Vision Award
Successfully nominated IHSA exec dir Robert Cacchione for 2011 USEF Pegasus Humanitarian Award

Elite Equestrian Magazine
Elite Equestrian appeals to discriminating readers who have interest in the equestrian lifestyle, travel, fine hotels, fashion, cars, jewelry, wines and spirits, home decor and all luxury brands.
"LA has been a fabulous asset to our company. Her intuitive insight into our industry is beyond compare. Her creative ideas and ability to implement them has greatly contributed to the image of our product/company, helping us grow in esteem and credibilty in the equine industry. She is always eager to offer suggestions or jump right in with whatever we need her to do. I know I can always count on her, and how she develops the final product always surpasses my expectations:  Great Results, High Integrity, Creative.
- Bill and Noelle Vander Brink, publishers

Pg. 64 Interview with USEF President Chrys Tauber

Socks for Horses! makers of the original Whinny Warmers and Summer Whinnys
Whinny Warmers® provide warmth and comfort to horses suffering from conditions which result in circulation impairment such as founder, IR Cushings, and laminitis, as well as ease the pain of arthritis in cold winter months. Summer Whinnys® provide safe, effective protection against summer’s biting flies. Visit www.whinnywarmers.com or call Socks For Horses, Inc. (850) 907-5724.  Socks For Horses are Made in America, support Buy Local initiatives, and welcome retail/dealer inquiries.
"That press release was really beautiful.  You are amazing.  You take concepts and bring them to life and motion.  I just wanted you to know that this was our highest-ever month, double what we have done before! Tack'n Togs ran your beautiful press release and we've had five tack store inquiries today, two ordered so far. Equus Magazine and Western Horseman are publishing the bandaging article, word is spreading about us like wildfire with online blogs.  FB reaches hit over 1000/week, up 29%.  So, thanks for a great job on both articles. Very good work.  We are very happy - love you so much."
-Raymond Petterson, President

Socks For Horses, makers of the original Whinny Warmers and Summer Whinnys www.whinnywarmers.com

Euro reining QH mare/Socks model Svensson Ranch's Diamond Lil Gun "Gidget" wearing Whinny Warmers

Today's Equestrian
The most exciting equine monthly to hit the East Coast, published by three-time Olympic Dressage and Gold and Silver Pan American Games medalist, Ashley Holzer.  Brought to you by a staff of tried-and true horsepeople with an involvement in the horse industry for many decades, this is the magazine capturing the hearts and minds of today's equestrian. New interactive flipbook online at www.todaysequestrian.com
"Thank you for everything you do for Today's Equestrian.  I appreciate all your hard work."
-Ashley Holzer, Publisher and Olympic Dressage Bronze medalist

TodaysEquestrian.com publisher & 3x Olympian, Ashley Holzer

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