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A benefit trail ride on Mustang mare, Nakota


"Your prices are very reasonable, especially with the connections you have. I have paid more than that in the past. I know there are people who do not understand how much you can benefit what they are doing in their business.  Until I hired people to do what you do, I did not.  Thank you so much for taking the time to help us understand that the words we use make a difference!"            ~ Randi Thompson, How to Market Your Horse Business

"I truly find you to be the most informed and interesting person on Facebook."   
      ~ Kim Horn, Horn Reining Horses 

In 100 Eq Marketing Tips for Examiner.com Diana DeRosa calls LA a 'great friend who has been in the horse business forever. Talk about someone who knows social media. Well she is your gal...

2011 American Horse Publications Freelance Writer, Equine-Related Journalism (print & online)

2010 AHP Winner, Freelance Writer Equine-related Journalism


American Horse Publications Annual Seminar & Awards, San Diego, CA 2011

"Glad to see that you scored in the AHP awards!" - Dale Ann Leatherman, President, Society of American Travel Writers, specializing in equestrian, golf, adventure travel

"You are always tops, always will be, and you got the smash-hit rewards of being the coolest, most honest, daring, considerate, strong , thoughtful, discrete writer.  These are all qualifications that you blend, amazingly and seamlessly well, in your well-targeted writing for a moving target audience. Touche and bravo. Love and light to the shining star!" - Leslie Desmond, trainer & author, Horse Handling & Riding Through Feel

As featured in Equestrisol.com - One of the equestrian world's most talented and passionate publicists, she can single-handedly skyrocket an under-recognized individual and safely, as well as successfully, launch them into recognition... Read more here

"I appreciate your approach to equine sports journalism.  Keep it up!"
~ L.C. Crofton, equestrienne & Facebook fan